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  • Is there a joining fee?
    Nope! We are simply a social camping group to get families camping with more families.
  • How do I join and access the Members Only page?
    The first step is to fill out the 'Contact' form at the bottom of the Home page. As child security is a big deal to us, we have a multiple step process, so once you've filled out the contact form, we will send you an additional form so we can get some more info from you. Once you're successfully processed, we will send you the password to the Members Only page.
  • Where are the camps held?
    At the moment, they are predominately held in South East Queensland. Although we do have a few members across Australia who are interested in joining a group.
  • Do I have to have kids to attend?
    Absolutely yes. We welcome all parents, guardians, grandparents to join us on our travels. However, sometimes we do welcome additional family members/friends to camps that are traditionally family times. Eg. Easter, Christmas, etc. You will need to advise us of their details prior to the event.
  • Will I fit in?
    Absolutely. We have people from all works of life camping together. Some of these families include grandparents, single parents, foster/guardians, and children with special needs.
  • I have a tent, can I still come? "
    Yes! Our group is all about this kids, so whatever you want to join us in, you can. As long as you and your family are comfortable.
  • Do you offer child minding?
    No, we don't. We're just a camping group, so everyone is responsible for their own kids.



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